Native American, Navajo Ceremonial Basket also called Navajo Wedding Basket.
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The Navajo Ceremonial Basket also called Navajo Wedding Basket is used in religious ceremonies at traditional Navajo weddings.The woven wedding basket has a distinct pattern of representation. The edge of the basket,a light color, represents the brightening skies as dawn approaches.  The center design features four points to represent the Navajo's four sacred mountains, and the opening into the center (which Navajos believe should never be pointed downward) signifies an outlet for our thoughts.The bright red weave is the hallmark of sunshine, and is a blessing for Navajo health & spirituality.  Black is for darkness, and a time to restore our bodies & minds. The lacing of the weave around the basket edge represent our roots & human life.  And the very center of the basket is representative of the emergence of He Dine, the opening for the First Holy One to come into the First World.

Basket: 12" Across -  2" High

Crafted by Native American Artists of the Navajo Nation, Arizona & New Mexico

Navajo Ceremonial Basket

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