Mini White Mountain Apache Burden Basket
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The Burden  Baskets of the Apache Tribe were once made for every day use in collecting or gathering wild foods, or to cultivate crops like corn.  Apache baskets are made by weaving together various natural materials from the countryside.  Devils claw, willow, yucca root and sometimes even cottonwood are woven around foundation rods.  Darker color plants are woven into the lighter material to make the design.  Burden Baskets can come in any size are cone shaped, with flat or rounded bottoms.  Buckskin and cone jingles made of tin are added. Baskets will have a buckskin carry strap, which was worn around the head or shoulders

Basket Across  3"   -   7"  Long  including fringe & cones

Crafted by White Mountain, Az, Apache Artists

*Baskets are all similar, Please let us select one for you.

Mini White Mountain Apache Burden Baskets

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